Nasrul Amri the Master of ”Dragon Master”

Dragon Master
Dragon Master

Since I was small, I already been exposed to the small business by my family. During my study at University, I run printing service and car rental. It turn out the car rental service become a moving ‘room’ for certain desperate couple at MMU Cyberjaya. Their port will be Taman Tasik Cyberjaya parking. LOL. After graduating, I was working with MiTV and ASTRO. I love to be in Broadcast industry. It just that after 5 years in this industry, I feel that I need to stop and making my own move.

Talking about role model in business is actually I do admire all successful businessman. I don’t really have a specific role model.

Xadira™ is startup based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We targeting to develops high-quality social games on networks like Facebook. We also believe in Social Game, players can share their emotions with friends, family and other people around them. We also want to give players, a new level of user experience by playing our game. Our Technology not really sound like a Rocket Science. Currently we just using PHP, Facebook API and Adobe Flash in our product development.

What I targeting for the company in 5 years is I hope we can be top Social Game developer and publisher in Asia. When we strong enough, we targeting to have our brand and office at US, Europe and Australia. Well to get content idea is you have to have a team. You need to brainstorm and polish the idea. One brain is not as good as two brain or more.

My advise for wannabe Contentprenuer? Actually I also a Contenpreneur wannabe, can somebody please advise me? LOL.Ok, maybe you guys just don’t give up not only when you are contentpreneur, in what ever you do in your life. Yes the journey will not as easy for some people. Just on hold to your faith, Insya Allah success is waiting for you. God speed!

Dragon Master
Dragon Master
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